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CLA Organization


President – Glen Langley (Current term expires summer 2019)

Vice President – Sue Staples (Current term expires summer 2019)

Treasurer – Susan Pundt (Current term expires summer 2018)

Secretary – Harriet Langley (Current term expires summer 2018)

Committees, Committee Chair(s) and Advisors 2017

Membership Committee – Walter Staples (Chair)

Communications and Marketing Committee –  Janice Kendrick (Chair)

Education Committee – Glen Langley (Acting Chair)

Water Quality Committee –  Susan Pundt (Acting Chair)

Finance Committee – Ted Baker (Chair)

Nominating Committee – Harriet Langley (Chair)

Pond Representatives:

North Pond, Ed Leonard

South Pond, Tom Woolsey

Round Pond, Mark Stearns

Indian Pond, Rich Schneider

Shagg Pond, Donnie and Wendy Porter

Lake Christopher, Walt and Sue Staples