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New Board of Community Lakes Association Meets for Planning Session

posted Jul 10, 2015, 8:24 AM by Bob Switzer   [ updated Jul 10, 2015, 8:24 AM ]
At its Annual Meeting in July 2014, The Community Lakes Association elected new board members. The new board met for the first time last Tuesday with members of the Association who are responsible for major tasks, including Communications, Membership and Invasive Milfoil Removal. The meeting was held at the Lake Christopher home of incoming  president, Colin Campbell and Treasurer, Susan Pundt.

Secretary Lois Ruff reported that a June mailing to property owners on all the ponds in Greenwood  and Woodstock was successful. The membership doubled to more than 100 households. Besides the $25 membership fee, many respondents made significant contributions to the Association, some specifically for the Invasive Milfoil Eradication Project, some as memorials, and others  to help pay for the association's efforts to monitor and maintain water quality, and protect wildlife. The Association is extremely grateful for support from current members, but welcomes (and needs) support from  all who enjoy our shore lands.

The Association is in the process of confirming, or appointing representatives for each pond as well  as water quality monitors who regularly test water in the ponds, and persons responsible for the annual Audubon Loon Count.

Future activities will include continuation of the extensive effort to remove or reduce the presence of Invasive Milfoil from Lake Christopher and Shagg Pond and monitor all other ponds; education efforts concerning ordinances affecting prohibition of jet skis, headway speed areas, fireworks and loon protection, erosion and other water quality issues.  The Association will seek 5013C status to allow tax deduction for contributions. Also the association hopes to  reach out to similar organizations throughout the state and participate in the LakeSmart program.

The Community Lakes Association  area includes all the lakes and ponds in Greenwood and  Woodstock: Concord, Shagg, North, Round, South, Twitchell, Indian, Overset, Mud, Hicks and Lake Christopher. For more information visit our website or pick up a brochure at either Woodstock or Greenwood Town Hall.