Shagg Pond

Shagg Pond is situated in a relatively remote area of the region - it is at the east boundary of Woodstock and borders the town of Sumner. It offers picturesque mountain views. Shagg is 64 acres with a maximum depth of 41 feet.

The state has confirmed the presence of variable-leaf water milfoil in Shagg Pond in Woodstock, bringing bad news to those fighting to stop the spread of the invasive weed and other species like it. The exotic variety of milfoil was discovered during a July 2003 survey of the pond. The Community Lakes Association continues efforts to control the milfoil.

The pond thermally stratifies during the summer, and a band of cool, oxygenated water develops that is suitable for salmonids. This water was chemically reclaimed in 1957 to remove competing species and allow for the intensive management of brook trout.

Unfortunately, most of the non-salmonid fishes now present in the pond have been illegally introduced by bait dealers or anglers. It is quite possible that the bullhead were not entirely eradicated during the reclamation process. Also, yellow perch have been reported, but their presence has not been confirmed by the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. This pond is currently managed for brook trout and splake. Annual stocking of brook trout is required to maintain the fishery due to limited spawning and nursery areas for this species. Splake, a cross between a female lake trout and a male brook trout, have been stocked since the early 1990’s to provide some variety and size quality. In addition, splake will forage on many of the illegally introduced species.

This pond is a potential candidate for reclamation, but funding such a project could prove to be difficult. If a reclamation is conducted, the regulations should include no live fish as bait (NLFAB) and be closed to bait dealers to discourage the introduction of competing species.

A small, dirt boat access is located off the Shagg Pond Road a short distance from the outlet. (Source ME Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife)

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