Welcome to the Community Lakes Association

Community Lakes Association is organized to help protect the health and beauty of the ponds and lakes in and around the Maine towns of Greenwood, Woodstock, and Songo Pond in Bethel.
Membership is open to everyone who loves these ponds and lakes.
  • To protect the quality of the following ponds and lakes: Twitchell, Shagg, Concord, Mud, Hicks, Songo, North, South, Round, and Lake Christopher.
  • To help spread information to all users of these bodies of water about the issues important to keeping them healthy.
  • To promote boating safety and the protection of wildlife for all the ponds in the area.

Looking For Volunteers!

CLA has undertaken a multi-year effort to rid invasive plants from several of our ponds. Although we have dedicated members and grants to assist us, we can't do it alone - we desparately need volunteers for everything from planning to monitoring to assisting with removal. If you can spare a few hours, please contact us.