About CLA

The mission of the Community Lakes Association is to protect and improve the ecosystems of our lakes and ponds and promote respectful stewardship among all users of the waterways in Greenwood and Woodstock. We have volunteers doing Secchi Disk testing from May through October for the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program. We perform a loon count on the 3rd Saturday in July for Maine Audubon. We also regularly monitor the ponds for water quality, invasive plants, and in general keep an eye out for other potential hazards or problems on and around the ponds.
Membership is open to everyone who loves these ponds and lakes. Annual dues are $25.
A Brief History of the Community Lakes Association
  • 1986. An interested group met with Winona Chase from the Norway Lakes Assoc.
  • 1987. The first meeting was called, and a constitution accepted. Eleanor Wilson elected President. Name: Community Lakes Association of Woodstock and Greenwood.
  • 1988. Scott Williams, Aquatic Biologist, was hired to begin lake testing program; he has tested three ponds early fall every year.
  • 1992. Due to efforts of Jim Chandler, a grant was used to do a watershed survey of Lake Christopher.
  • 1994. Songo Pond joined the Association.
  • 1995. The name changed to Community Lakes Association.
  • 1996. A loon nest built by Art Jentoft was put out by big rock on Lake Christopher.
  • 1997. The loon nest was moved to North Pond. Lake Christopher adopted a nest from Conservation School. Jim White tended it for years.
  • 1997. Rep. Linda McKee, State Rep. from Wayne, spoke at our annual meeting about beginning the process of banning Jet Skis.
  • 1998. A number of members worked on the planning of town meetings, newspaper articles and two trips to Augusta to get the Jet Ski ban accepted.
  • 1999. After the State Legislature accepted our petition, Governor King signed the bill banning Jet Skis from all the ponds in Woodstock and Greenwood.
  • 2002. Variable water milfoil discovered in Pumping Station Cove, Lake Christopher.
  • 2003. Variable water milfoil discovered in Shagg pond.
  • 2003 - 2009 The Community Lakes Association, through the efforts of Jim Chandler, has been awarded a grant from the state to fund efforts to rid several ponds of variable water milfoil.
  • 2010. CLA, in partnership with the 4H Camp at Bryant Pond receives a major grant for milfoil control as part of the Maine Milfoil Initiative