Variable-Leaf WaterMilfoil

Invasive Milfoil Control Project Showing Results

Variable Milfoil is extremely invasive, with the capability of completely destroying any lake or pond by filling the area with rapidly multiplying plants once established. The plant is able to propagate with as little as one tiny filament of stem or leaf. It can be easily transported from one body of water to another in a crack or crevice of a boat or trailer. Control efforts are important because, left unchecked the impact of milfoil can affect not only wildlife and recreational activities, but also significantly lower property values.

Maine has not had much success with fighting Milfoil. Our two bodies of water that are infested are the exception. With a great game plan and diligence, we are having major success. Bryant Pond was inspected every month from May to October 2019, which resulted in the removal of forty seven plants. The cove still is home to around 15 to 20 mats which will be removed next year. The Barrier fence that was placed in the cove has recently been removed so all can paddle in the cove and see the wild life once again. Thanks to the hard work of CLA volunteers, Ed Leonard and Donnie Porter. See pictures below of their work.

Shagg pond was harvested for three weeks by New England Milfoil. There was 1,900 gallons of Milfoil and 41 more mats removed from their waters. The Milfoil found in Shagg Pond has been reduced dramatically. There is no longer Milfoil floating on the surface anywhere on the pond. The patches that once were there are gone as well. The only Milfoil plants remaining are individual plants two to three feet apart. These plants can and will mature into the large patches that once occupied Shagg Pond, so we must focus on their removal. This step is tedious but is our last step in removing the Milfoil from our waters. A special thank you to all the people at Shagg Pond who had helped pick up fragments over the years and in the future. We are so close, please keep up the great work.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated, but volunteering your time is just as valuable to our cause. To be a volunteer contact us at:


Facebook at Western Maine Community Lakes Association

If you would like to contribute to the cost of this effort, please send your donation to:

Community Lakes Association, PO Box 91, Greenwood, ME 04255. Please earmark it for the Milfoil Fund.

Ed Leonard

Removing the fence at Bryant Pond's pump house cove. Thanks Ed Leonard and Donnie Porter for your hard work.

Clam shell mats recently removed from a CLA pond