Hicks Pond

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Local History of Hicks Pond

The Hicks Family were early settlers near the north end of the pond. Hicks Pond borders the Greenwood Road and the outlet is at Greenwood City. The Sanborn River runs into Hicks Pond at the northwest corner.

From 1800 to 1820 only the northern end of the pond was accessible via the Patch Mt. Road or the Hayes Hill Road. During this period, there were a few farms at the north end. When the Greenwood Road was built around 1820, it opened up the east shore of the pond for settlement. The new road was also responsible for the establishment of Greenwood City. The city was leveled by a devastating fire in 1862.

The first dam at Hicks Pond was built at Greenwood City before 1835 by Seth B. Hilborn. Mr. Hilborn operated a saw mill here for many years.

The first camp on Hicks Pond was Sunset Cottage built around 1912. This camp originally stood up near the Greenwood Road, but Harry Pulsifer moved it down closer to the pond. Eventually, Harry sold Sunset Cottage to his brother and sister-in-law, Oscar and Caro Pulsifer. Around 1966 their son, Max Pulsifer inherited the cottage and owned it for many years. Today, Max's daughter and her children own Sunset Cottage. There are probably nine or ten camps on the pond today, mostly along the Greenwood Road.

(Source: Blaine Mills' Ponds of Greenwood)