LakeSmart is a lake conservation program focusing on lakefront property owners. LakeSmart educates, assists, and recognizes property owners who maintain their home sites in ways that manage stormwater on site and prevent groundwater flows of septic effluent to lakes. The program was created in 2004 by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), expanded in 2009 by a partnership between the Maine Lakes Society and DEP, and is now fully privatized under the Maine Lakes Society. In its first year of administering LakeSmart, the Society tripled the number of participating lakes, increased all-time LakeSmart awards 12% and presented its distinctive blue and white signs to 54 homeowners, thereby bringing the LakeSmart award total to 458 shorefront property owners.

We all know the importance of working together to keep our lakes clean, healthy, and preserved for the future, and we do that by practicing good stewardship of our properties on the lakes. We were pleased that we could present three new LakeSmart awards at the annual meeting. The recipients were the Martins on Lake Christopher, the Coles on North Pond, and Jane Moosbruker on Twitchell Pond. If you are interested in becoming a LakeSmart participant, just let us know, and one of our reviewers will come and evaluate your property and discuss any additional suggestions they may have for contributing to a healthy lake through the LakeSmart program.

Lake Smart is a voluntary lake shore property evaluation. Upon request, a trained volunteer will use the Lake Smart evaluation survey to look at ways your property is protecting lake quality. If you score highly on the Lake Smart survey you will get a Lake Smart sign recognizing your efforts to have better management practices that keep the lake clean. The volunteer is also trained to give suggestions on how to deal with problem areas. Your sign will also encourage your neighbors to have their property evaluated and implement better management practices. We encourage all lake front owners to contact our volunteer coordinator either to have your property evaluated or to get trained in the program. Please contact CLA and mention you are interested in the LakeSmart evaluation survey.